Spin Class

The area's favorite place to Spin.  Come try a Spin class and Burn 500-700 calories

per hour with our Master Spin Instructors!  Your first Spin class is always FREE!

Small Classes make for better coaching!

One on One Training

Certified by the top organizations and wielding a mastery of Exercise Science, we design and implement a fitness program that is safe, sound and effective.

Group Fitness Training

Intelligent Fitness offers customized small group personal training classes, such as TRX, Strong & Firm, IntellBarre and more! Enjoy an affordable alternative to Personal Training without sacrificing individuality. Read more...

New and Noteworthy



We are also the TRX Suspension Training Facility on Long Island!

Come experience many new classes, including:

TRX Private Training (by appointment,) Super-Circuit, Power-Firm, Power-Firm 2.0, Spin/TRX combo classes, Spin/Sculpt Combo classes, AB-solutely, BUTT-seriously, an Expanding Spinning Program, Intell-Bootcamp and a 1500sq. Ft. Expanded Personal Training Suite!

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We also offer advanced group strength training programs, instructed in a safe, effective way by skilled, experienced instructors, in a highly coached environment! Become an EXCLUSIVE member!     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Book Your Group Training Class

To schedule a class in our expanding, state-of-the-art facility, download our SIGNUP FORM and email back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You may always call 858-2900 to register. 

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Who We Are



We are the ONLY Fitness Boutique in our area, dedicated to improving your overall quality of life through sound programming solutions for all of your diversified fitness needs. We guide you through a variety of group and supervised fitness programs built upon a foundation of 40 years of combined experience, education and industry know-how.  The company's founder sits on Personal Training Curriculum committees of Hofstra University and Bosces Technical Schools, hosts "The Intelligent Way to Fitness" on Cablevision Long Island, promotes the Island's largest Drug Free Figure, Physique, and Fitness events, boasts 25 years of industry experience and has been educating people all over the country in the subjects of injury prevention, safety education, fitness prescription, nutritional sciences, biomechanics, and consumer empowerment.  Come discover a non-pressured facility whose Elite Trainers work to meet the needs of its Exclusive members through Exciting fitness programs

Why Choose US

We have been servicing Long Islanders since 1997. Our facility is family owned and operated and our success is based upon choosing Exclusive people who are finally ready to succeed in a fitness program.  . 

Your Choice Free!

Come learn why LI'ers voted us BEST GYM for 2011 (Long Island Press, Jan, 2011.)  Take a GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING class or a CONSULTATION / TRAINING SESSION.  A better quality of life awaits.

Help Me Get Started

We start many on the path to success. A FREE consultation is our way of determining a logical and sensible path forward.  Email us to request a 45 min, no obligation meeting.

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